School Library provides educational and healthy reading materials which are helpful in promoting the knowledge of students.

Computer science

School provides computer education from standard III onwards in accordance with I.C.S.E. syllabus.

Smart classes

The school has introduced the latest methodology of teaching through audio visual technique by means of smart classes for the students of all standard. This will greatly help the student to grasp the course content in a more effective and interesting manner and in their overall personality development.

Teaching Faculty

Qualified & trained teachers under the able guidance of experienced Principal function as a team and efforts are made to improve educational standards through co-operative teaching and balanced programme of class work and supervised studies.

Academic Year (April to March)

First Term: April to October & Second Term: November to March
Office Time:8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

School Dress Code

For Girls: In summer, brown cream striped blouse, dark brown skirt, Senior students can wear salwar – kameez of the same colour, brown socks & black shoes. In Winter brown sweator, blazer or cardigan.
For Boys: In summer brown-cream striped shirt, dark brown paints, brown socks & black shoes. In winter brown sweator or blazer. NOTE: Ties and belts shall be provided by the school on payment.


Fee can be deposited on any working day, student whose fee is due will not be allowed to appear for his/her annual examination.


The school admits children from Nursery to Class IX & XI.
NOTE: Three plus is the age of admission to nursery. A corresponding scale of age is fixed in the subsequent classes. Admission is subject to test for class IX.T.C. and promotion result are required for admission.


Every application for a Transfer Certificate shall be made in writing by the parents/guardians. T.C. will not be issued until all the fees are paid.

Examination Pattern

The whole session is divided in 2 terms. There will be 2 Unit Test. before each terminal examination. Each unit test carries 20 marks and terminal exams carry 80 marks. Examination and unit tests are objective as well as subjective type. The result declared at the end of the year is final. A failed student forfeits all claims to concession in school fees. A student who fails twice in the same class may be asked to leave the school. Minimum 75% of the attendance is required for a student to appear in annual examination. Minimum pass percentage in each subject is 40 marks. A student who has not cleared all his/her fees will not be allowed to appear for the examination.
Distribution of Marks(for each term)Nursery to class IX. Terminal exam 80 marks, unit test 20 marks. Total of 100 marks. Class X to XII : Theory paper 70 marks, Practical paper 30 marks, Total of 100 marks.

General Rules

All students should be present in school on the opening day of each term.
School administration will not be responsible for goods lost.
On every Friday the school gets over at 12.20p.m
No students suffering from infectious disease will be permitted to attend school.
Leave of absence will be granted with sufficient reason and for genuine case/any application form must be signed by the parents or guardians.
Any communication (complaints or requests) made by Parents /Guardians must be metioned in school diary of the students.

The Principal''s Permission required

To make collection for any purpose
To arrange for a party. Picnic or meeting
To join a sports meet or quiz programme or to play games not arranged by the school.
To give presents to teacher or stage demonstraction in their honour
To arrange for private tuition from the school teacher.

We expect you to be polite,friendly,caring,kind and well behaved in and outside the school

To be honest and truthful whatever may be the cost.
To accept cheerfully every work and responsbility given and to be true towards your duty with courage and determination.
To be courteous and sportsman like on the playground with opposing teams and with officials.
To wish your parents,teachers,elders,whenever you meet them.
To respect your own property,as well as of the school and also property,belonging to others.
To know the difference between right and wrong by being bold to say "NO" when asked to do a thing which you know to be wrong.

Health & Medical care

Special emphasis is laid on the health and physical well being of students. First-Aid facility is provided in the school,if needed.